How it Works

  • Get Investors is not a secretive body; in fact, it will proactively seek positive publicity with a view to being seen as the investor group of choice by Indian startups. Members will agree on the publicity strategy. The deal flow arising from such activities as well as the publicity will be coordinated and handled by the Secretariat.
  • The primary deal flow for the network comes through its members. Network members individually assess funding proposals that they might come across. In addition, they might create some startup opportunities with entrepreneurs. All such recommended opportunities will then be presented at the Network’s monthly forum as “sponsored” deals, ie, there is a member who feels the deal is worthwhile taking forward and will proactively do so.
  • However, there will be deals that come directly to the Secretariat that are not sponsored by any member. These will be handled via an Elevator Pitch (EP) session that will vet and shortlist such deals for presentation to the Network as a whole.