Why Get Investors

Get Investors Members have numerous investment avenues and entrepreneurial investment propositions being only one of them. Therefore the value proposition of the venture and the investment opportunity need to be compelling. Please do look at the suggested funding application as it gives the minimum details for a business plan to be considered.

Key USPs that Get Investors provides

  • Investors with strong and operational backgrounds who are willing to invest not just money but also time adding value to the investee companies and also providing them access to their vast networks.
  • Get Investors seeks to add value by providing advice/mentoring an access to its Get Investors in addition to money so its members are likely to invest in businesses where they have the ability to add such value.
  • A simple term sheet
  • Finance investment

Get Investors looks at some parameters

  • Get Investors looks for businesses that have high barriers to entry and can grow to be large.
  • The quality of the management team is important. A complementary management team that comprises multiple skills such as technology, sales, finance, HR etc. is considered a major asset.
  • Propositions that have sharp differentiators providing something different or proposing to do something differently.
  • Business that have barriers
  • Entrepreneurs who can provide evidence of the validation of their concept and particularly those who have begun to engage with the market have a stronger proposition.
  • All are welcome – first time entrepreneurs, second time entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who may have failed in their earlier attempt.